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Day After Death

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Amanda thinks about Duncan, her dead twin brother, every day. A traffic accident brings her face to face with deeper childhood memories, forcing her to wonder not just about Duncan’s death but also about the death of her college mentor and lover, Sarah Moore. Can her exploration of family secrets set her free from her traumatic past? Set against the background of therapy and the theater, The Day After Death is filled with the stuff readers live for—identity, intimacy, and treachery.

Praise for The Day After Death

“The Day after Death explores one woman’s helpless imprisonment in the past––and her brave, uninvited battle for freedom in the present. In its examination of trust, intimacy and memory, it recognizes the slippery nature of personal truth.”—David Corbett, author of The Mercy of the Night

“A psychological thriller and philosophical treatise on memory and desire all rolled into one mesmerizing rollercoaster of a novel. The Day after Death has the charged energy of the calm before a storm. Who can save one person from himself? What responsibilities do siblings and lovers have to one another? Why does love turn to betrayal? Miller literally wrestles to the death with these questions; the chilling but very human answers will surprise you.”—Minrose Gwin, author of The Queen of Palmyra

“A richly layered and nuanced story of a woman dissecting her past in order to fully experience her life in the present, beautifully conceived and written. It’s a fascinating story––you won’t want to miss it!”—Julie Williams, author of Drama Queens in the House


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