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Day AFter Death

“A psychological thriller and philosophical treatise on memory and desire all rolled into one mesmerizing rollercoaster of a novel. The Day after Death has the charged energy of the calm before a storm. Who can save one person from himself? What responsibilities do siblings and lovers have to one another? Why does love turn to betrayal? Miller literally wrestles to the death with these questions; the chilling but very human answers will surprise you.”—Minrose Gwin, author of The Queen of Palmyra

2017 Lambda Award finalist!

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fool's journey

The Fool's Journey

“Prowling the corruptly competitive halls of academe, Miller provides an intelligent and ambitious look at the publish-or-perish world of high-stakes education.”In an unconventional book-within-a-book device, Miller reveals lengthy excerpts from Fiona's work-in-progress, a fascinating study of [Edith]Wharton in its own right, and the perfect accompaniment to a smart, satiric send-up of the Machiavellian world of ivory tower passions and politics." —Carol Haggas, Booklist

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death of a department chair

Death of a Department Chair

“Everything moves fast in this mystery romp about desire and academic greed. Lynn Miller gives us not one but two deliciously insensitive villains and one first-rate heroine, not to mention a jumble of realistic crazies that anyone who’s ever majored in anything will recognize. A page-turner whose witty and caring author makes us curious not only about who done it but who, amazingly enough, managed to hold off and not do it.”
—Carol Bly, author of My Lord Bag of Rice

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Lynn C. Miller's short fiction and plays have appeared in numerous periodicals including North Dakota Quarterly, Phoebe, Hawaii Review, Writer's Forum, and Text and Performance Quarterly.
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